Wednesday, March 9, 2011

~ Review ~

My order is finally here!!  It took a little more than a week to get here and it seemed so long because I was so excited about it!  So, as soon as I got home today, I tore open the box and tried everything on!  I didn't have time to take pictures but here's a quick review on everything.

Ah.... the Yellow-So-Cute-Coat.  It's worth the $24!  I got medium, and usually I wear a small.  It fits well on me but I wish it's a little more form fitting.

The Serpentine Way Dress is also very nice.  The material is soft and solid.  The length is good for my 5' 7'' frame.  The belt seems a little bit cheap though but it's very nicely attached to the dress.

Vision of Blue Dress is very pretty.  I love it!!!  Except it's too short :(  I am so sad!!  Can someone please take it off my hands?

Again, very pretty, but too short!  Sadly, it smelled funny too!  So I hoped on to and the live chat and told the support person about it.  She promptly made a note about the issue so I can return the dress even though it's final sale.  I must say that their customer service is excellent!

This one, I am waiting for my mom to try on.  The fur is very soft though!

This "Cloud Coverage Dress" is really short again.  I think I should give it to my cousin.  I think she'll look very cute in it.  The white material is like satin, not what I expected. 

This "Poppy Go Lightly Dress"  is very pretty!  I love the unique style and it looks cute on me.  Except again, that it's too short!  I think there's something wrong with my body.  How can all these dresses be too short on me!  Also, it's super, super thin.  You will definitely need to wear something underneath it.  So... this one is going back too.

Overall, I am only keeping 2 out of the 7 items, returning 2, and hoping to my mom will like one and my cousin will like the other and someone else will like the Vision of Blue dress.  This reminds me that I can not buy any dress shorter than 36".  Good thing it's free to return these!

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InsideOut Elle said...

Free returns? I love excellent customer service :D everything was sold out on modcloth by the time I starting looking about :( - if the measurements I sent u via twitter sound like they fit me, let me know! Heightwise I think i'd fit but I usually wear medium b/c im wide :( Ur 5'7''?! dream height ^^!

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