Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~ Little Spring Flowers ~

It was so warm this past week and some of the spring flowers are blooming!  My neighbors have these pretty bright yellow daffodils and they are so pretty.  This little one is all by its lonesome in the corner though. 

I love water beads on flowers! So pretty!

These are my very malnourished hyacinths.  Aren't they sad?  I planted them along the steps to my house and I had grand visions of pretty hyacinths along the steps.  But, I didn't account for the rocky soil next to the cement.  

Poor thing.  I think a regular hyacinth has 4x the number of flowers on a stalk.  I really need to fertilize!!

Too bad it's getting really cold again this week.  I hope the rest of the flowers survive this cold and bloom for my mom when she comes!


InsideOut Elle said...

Daffodils!!! ^_^ I think daffodils are by far my favorite flower. I love the bright yellow color and they are so easy to care for...and they spread like weeds :D!! Their roots don't go down very deep either so it's so easy to dig up their bulbs and transplant/spread them around every year...

and wow...i just wrote a paragraph on daffodils xD Your hyacinths look fine to me :D at least they're photogenic ;)

Joyce said...

lol ur paragraph is longer than my post! i like them too and i seem to remember patches of them along 270?

i should get a nice hyacinth and put them next to mine so u can see the difference hehe

InsideOut Elle said...

yeahhh I think 270 does have daffodils, either that or cosmos. I always want to hop out of the car and uproot a few even though it's technically illegal. Cross my fingers I never get drunk on 270 b/c I probably would do it ><

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