Saturday, March 5, 2011

~ Instant Noodles Review: SamYang Beef Flavor ~

It may seem weird, but I love instant noodles. There are so many brand and so many yummy flavors!! And it's quick and easy! But, I don't just cook the noodles, I add stuff to it... whatever I can find in the fridge.  Here's one for breakfast the other day.  It's SamYang Beef Flavor noodles with little sausages, a fried egg and lettuce.  It's kind of healthy right?

This is the bag.  It's bright orange so it's easy to find.  It's a Korean brand and you can get it at most korean grocery stores. 

This is what's in the bag... noodles with 1 bag of seasoning and 1 bag of dried seaweed.

I don't think it has MSG.  It has sodium 5'-gumylate and sodium 5'-inosanate which are natural flavor enchancers and not MSG. 

I still don't use the whole bag of the powder though. Just look at this sodium content!  100% of your daily intake!  I find that about 1/2 a bag is enough for me, but I usually don't mind mild flavors.  Besides, the other items I put in the noodles will help with the flavoring.  Saturated fat content is also pretty high at 8g.  Note that these numbers are 2x what you see in the table in the picture.  That's because 1 bag of noodles has 2 servings and it's only showing you 1 serving.  Sneaky!!

Not the healthiest lunch but it's probably not as bad as fast food and it's quick.  Just put more veggies in!  And I realize that the sausages don't help with the salt content, but I like some meat with my noodles :)  SamYang noodles have a great consistency and the soup is decent.  Nothing spectacular but good enough to stock up when it's on sale.

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