Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~ New Colors for Swarovski Crystal Star Necklaces ~

I got these beads a few months ago and I finally got time to make them into necklaces!  My star necklaces are one of the most popular items in Happy Cloud Moments.  So, here are the new colors...Black Diamond....

Bright blue aquamarine.... you know aquamarine is the birthstone for March right?  This will be a perfect little birthday gift!!

Here's another blue one... a solid deep blue called Sapphire.

Here's light siam, a bright red.

If light siam is too bright for you, here's Crystal Red Magma.  It's more muted but it's a very warm red.

This is a brand new color called Sunflower.  It's between light topaz and topaz in the scale of yellowness.

This is another yellow called Jonquil .... very light and soft.

I finally took a picture of all the colors!  21 colors for the big star and 3 more for smaller stars.  I can make the necklace with a small star for more daintiness.  I love how all the yellow colors look together!!  Which one is your favorite?


Victoria said...

Very pretty! It's hard to choose - I like fuchsia and topaz, but I think jet black would be dramatic. :)

InsideOut Elle said...

cathedral is so fancy XD But I'd have to say Sunflower, sapphire, and light siam are my favorites...I love rich colors xD

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