Sunday, March 6, 2011

~ Hello Kitty Mah Jong Set ~

Do you know what Mah Jong is?  It's a Chinese game with tiles, similar to Gin.  I love to play and I own a cute little purple glitter set.  But, it is simply not as cute as this set!  It even comes with a silver metal case to hold everything!

Everything is so cute and pink!  it comes with a felt mat to play on too!

Check out the dice!

There's a yellow/gold gitter hello kitty set on ebay but it's super expensive!!!  I want it but ... I don't need it.  I don't even play that much.  I'll just have to go play with my friends whenever I need a dose of Hello Kitty cuteness and mah jong :)


witchz said...

Can I check where can I get this mahjong set?

Thanks in advance!

Joyce said...

they sell these in asia and sometimes they will have it on ebay.

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