Monday, March 28, 2011

~ Coveting... Irregular Choice Spring and Summer Collection ~

Seriously need to post my dining experience from San Diego, but I've been busy doing some major spring cleaning! After putting away 6 boxes of stuff for donation/yard sale, I am not in the mood to shop. So, I am just coveting these beautiful shoes from Irregular Choice! Warning: this is a pic heavy post!

This one is called "Can't touch this"  I love the subtle pattern on the shoe and the transparent heel and the flowers!!

"Face It" flats.  Love the floral fabric detail.

"Longer Lashes" looks very comfortable.  Very cute!

"Mirror Mirror" is like space cowboy boots!  I can see Faye Valentine with a pair of these!

How cool are these "Oriento Sun So"?  It will look great with a Lolita Dress!  

"Specialzo"  looks pretty special.  I image a simple black dress with these stunning shoes.  I wonder if I can just make a fabric flower like this and strap it to my black shoes.

Another pair of shoes for Lolita outfits.  They also have it in black.  This one is called Tea and Cakes.

This one is just so fun.  Love the color and bamboo on the wedge.  This one is called Zohan.

These two are "Duke the Second" and "Duke".  I rarely like flats but these are so cute!

This one is "Cortesan Floral Bar".  I love the scallop edges!  So cute!!  And this looks so wearable!  The heel is not bad at all and I love the turquoise pattern inside the shoe.

I really, really love this pair!  It's called "Sweety Bird" and it comes in many colors.  But my favorite is white.  The design is so out exaggerated already that the white brings it back a notch.

They have accessories and dresses too!  I like this "Lola Frame Bag".  I just love bows.

I also like this "Drawstring Senorita Dress".  It looks like a fun and comfy dress.

Irregular Choice has such fun shoes!!  I also love their website because it does all this animation without Flash.  Awesome.  It maybe a little overwhelming, but it fits their style perfectly.  I have never heard of them before today.  Looks like it is a British brand that started in 1999. has some of their older styles in stock. has the newer ones, but is very limited with selection.  However, there is a Eversave deal going on right now that will save you $20.  Still pretty expensive though.  Their shoes average $150 a pair.  I am glad I am not in a shopping mood, otherwise my wallet will be in trouble.


Zakka Life said...

Great round-up of shoes. My favorite are the turquoise Duke flats.

InsideOut Elle said...

omg these are definitely statement shoes :D Longer Lashes looks like something I'd wear and Oriento Sun So really catches my eye - i think it's the awesome heel. It's SO asian tho ehhehe

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