Wednesday, February 9, 2011

~ Cozy Dinner at Le Ferme ~

During Bethesda Restaurant week, my friends and I took a little trip to a cozy little place called Le Ferme in Chevy Chase.  If I just passed by this place, I would never think to go in and try it because it's in such a quiet neighborhood.  But, I am glad we went!  Everything we had was fantastic!

Since it was restaurant week, we each had a 3 course meal.  We started out with snails and French Onion soup. This is the snail.  For some reason, I kept thinking it'll come with shells, but it didn't.  It did come with this little golden pastry that was just fluffy and delicious!

Here's a closer look at the snail.  Hmm... doesn't look very appetizing.  But, it was good.  Very tender.

I ordered the French Onion Soup.  I wasn't feeling particularly adventurous, but this was very nice!  Best French onion soup I have ever had.  It wasn't too salty like most places I have been to.

For the main course, I had the chicken breast.  I forgot what it was called.  It came with this purple rice and veggies.  The rice is a little chewy and tastes so good!  The chicken is like the best chicken breast I have ever had!!  It was so juicy and tender!  Just thinking about it makes me hungry!

This is what happens when when the food is good :)

 My friends ordered the beef liver.  The potatoes are awesome too!  She loved it.

For dessert, this is the apple pie with cinnamon ice cream.  The cinnamon ice cream is surprisingly good.

I had the cheesecake.  Very good, not too sweet and so good.  I ate everything!  Soup, chicken, and cheesecake!  The place is a lil off the main roads and a little bit far from my place, but definitely worth the trip!  I can't wait to go back!

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