Thursday, February 3, 2011

~ Happy Chinese New Year 4708 ~

Happy Chinese New Year!  This is Lunar Year 4708, a year of the rabbit.  According to some Chinese zodiac specialists, this will be a fairly calm year after living through the ferocious year of the Tiger last year.  I hope so!  I do need some time to rest!  Anyway, just for Chinese New Year, I did my nails with red and gold!  Sorry, Zoya Crystal, you'll have to wait.

This is a special new year for me because it's the first new year I spent as a married woman!  What's so special?  Well, instead of receiving lucky money from all my elders, I have to give some away!  I don't see a lot of kids though so I don't have that many red pockets prepared.  I love them!  They are so pretty!

Compared to the awesome craziness that was Chinese New Year in Hong Kong last year, this year has been fairly quiet and uneventful.  Well, that's Chinese New Year in America.  Who has time to do all the traditional stuff or 拜年 when they have to work or are snowed in with 2 feet of snow?  All the same, I hope every has a wonderful and peaceful year!  恭喜發財!  祝大家心想事成!  龍馬精神!

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