Sunday, February 20, 2011

~ Katsucon 17 ~

Katsucon 17!!!!  After Otakon last August, I have been thinking about going to another anime convention.  It's hard to find time and every time I go, I want to dress up.  And that takes even more time!  So, my hot sailor friend convinced me to go and I did the simplest costume of all:  the Japanese School girl.

Check us out :)  It's fun to walk around with people in costumes!  Makes me really want to dress up again!  I need to watch some new anime for inspiration.  Any suggestions?

One of the main reasons I love going is to check out all of the awesome art and merchandise.  Everything is so cute!  But, the merchandise room is a lot smaller than the one in Otakon.  I was looking for t-shirts and a pretty strap for my camera.  But, I didn't see anything I liked.

I thought about getting one of these swords, but where would I put this?  The Ichigo mask is cool too!

There were so many cute lil figures!  I love them all.  Good thing I have self-control.

This is one of my favorites!

Look at this cute lil yellow one!

I didn't see that many hardcore cosplayers this time.  Maybe we got there too late...or I just wasn't as easily impressed this time because it's not my first time.

I am going to think about another costume.  There's an anime convention in Chicago in May.  I am planning a trip there in May so let's see if I can go there too.  See you there next time!


glitteryeyesxx said...

Wow! Looks so fun! My girl friend actually went to Katsucon, too. It doesn't look as big as Otakon, but that's coming up this summer so you'll have plenty of time to plan out your next outfit! :)

lisa said...

ahahaha these pics are so cute.. i think i saw these on mokyi's fb too.

InsideOut Elle said...

I want to go to a convention cosplaying one day~ with a really good outfit *_* Something from final fantasy ^^ some of the cosplayers are so outrageously good it's intimidating tho >< eehhe but you can't go wrong with school girl either~ You look cute and is that a bow hair velcrom in your hair xD?!

Joyce said...

i want to be a character from FF too!! and yes that's a velcro hair thingy :)

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