Monday, August 2, 2010

~ Otakon 2010 ~

I wasn't going to go to Otakon but my friend convinced me to stop by on the last day. I wasn't ready to cosplay but I was told that I can go goth. So, here's me being goth.  I love this jacket that I got in Hong Kong.  You think I can just wear it regularly?

I had so much fun at Otakon, just looking at the people who cosplayed!!  The lighting was surprisingly bright so the pictures turned out ok without flash.  I felt stupid though with my DSLR without the big external flash that everyone else had.  Here are my favorites....First, Tidus and Yuna.  I was so jealous.  I wish my hubby will dress up like Tidus for me.

This is the Espada #3. Awesome costume! It's actually a guy! I love when guys dress up as girls. :)

From Black Butler....I have never seen the anime but I saw images of it.  They look very much like the anime!

Naruto! I really need to catch up on this series...

Don't know who this is, but looks cool!

Edward chibi version? The greatest part about this one is that he is really short, just like Edward!

Another hardcore one!

I wanted to buy everything there....but I bought mainly t-shirts because I was trying to be practical.

There were so much awesome stuff!  Gundam figures, other anime figures, fan art, wall scrolls, key chains, phone charms, swords, costumes, wigs, stuffed animals, handmade kawaii hats and more!! Just look at these pics!

Of course, there were some hetchi body pillows.

Just seeing people in their costumes make me want to cosplay!  I am probably going to try for Anime USA in November in VA.  Cosplaying is hard and expensive though.  Going to start looking again soon :)


WEB said...

This is the Tidus you took a pic of.
Do you mind if I put your photo on my DA?

Joyce said...

I don't mind at all :)

glitteryeyesxx said...

Wow, I was actually going to go to Otakon! I'm not into any of this anime stuff but my bf is---and so I had wanted to surprise him with tickets to Otakon. But sadly, we were not able to go. I might check out Anime USA this November, though. Have you gone there before? Any advice, tips? Thanks! :)

Violet said...

I love the jacket! And all of the little kirbys- eeek!! It would be way to dangerous for me to go there, I would buy so many figures and plushies lol.

The Beading Gem said...

I only discovered what cosplay was last year! LOL! So I enjoyed seeing your pictures from Otakon!

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