Thursday, July 29, 2010

~ Great Seafood at Asian Delight ~

It wasn't that long ago that I was gorging myself with dim sum from Asian Delight in Silver Springs.  Tonight, we went there for my dad's birthday dinner.  Happy Birthday Dad!  I only had my phone to take pictures but it's worth posting here.  The food was so awesome!  Check out this huge dungeness crab!

It was steamed with garlic over a bed of clear noodles.  The meat was so sweet and the garlic was an awesome compliment to the crab.  The noodles soaked up all the yummy juices from the crab and it was so good!!!!

We also got steamed oysters with black bean and garlic sauce, top with sliced green scallions.  This is a classic dish and executed very well.

You only get steamed oysters when it's fresh and the manager highly recommended this.  We were very pleased.

We also got Baby Clam w/ Ground Pork in Chef's Special Sauce, walnut shrimp and more!  Walnut shrimp is one of my favorites!!!  We also got a whole chicken that was steamed to perfection with seasoning.  Let me warn you though, it comes with its head.  It's just how Chinese people eat their chicken.  My dad thought this is funny.  Try to look past the weird chicken head with the cigarettes and see the plate of yummy chicken in the back.

We were so full!  There was a good amount of steamed food and veggies so at least it was healthy food.  Let me know what you try there so I can try it next time!


The Beading Gem said...

You made my mouth water! I haven't had crab in ages.

Joyce said...

it's crabs season isn't it? go enjoy some crabs!

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