Saturday, July 10, 2010

~ Dim Sum at Asian Delight in Silver Spring ~

There aren't a lot of dim sum restaurants in the DC/VA/MD area. Some are pretty horrible, but there are a few that are good. One of my new favorite dim sum places is Asian Delight in Silver Spring. They just opened in April and the inside is so pretty! On the weekends, they even have the dim sum rolling around in carts like the traditional style!

Asian Delight has a big variety of dim sum to choose from. Steamed, pan fried, deep fried and lots of baked desserts too! Just check out these pictures and try not to drool on your keyboard! This is eggplant stuffed with fish and shrimp.

Here are some steamed dishes.

Chinese broccoli. Very healthy!

My mom loves dessert, so we got a lot! This was really good. There's like peanuts and other yummy sweetness inside this soft bun.

This is Tofu Flower. It's basically very soft and silky tofu in syrup. It's very good and even though it has syrup in it, it is healthy I think. The tofu balances it out.

I don't remember what this is called, but it's a lil bit sweet and it feels bouncy like tapioca balls.

More buns! These are the BBQ pork buns. Yum Yum!

I also love the rice noodles with the fried dough inside. But I forgot to take a picture. You need to specially order it. The wait staff is very nice. Their service is so much better than most Chinese restaurants. Let me know if you try this place and what your favorite dishes are!


Jeweled Thumb said...

Ok, obviously I need to convince DH to go there! Looks delicious.

Victoria said...

YUMMY! I love dim sum, I unfortunately am not very in tune with my Chinese half but the food is something I know very well! I adore dumplings, the shrimp ones and pork, and the bbq pork buns, and sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves! And of course the dessert tofu! Your post has made me so hungry!

perrik said...

If the unidentified slightly-sweet bouncy squares were also a little crunchy, it was water chestnut cake. We've been meaning to try out Asian Delight for dim sum, but have been too lazy to actually do it. Those photos are enough to kick me into action!

Joyce said...


that is water chestnut cake! Let me know if you like it :)

Cyndy said...

We went there today for lunch and got Dim Sum after we saw your post mentioned on Just Up the Pike. It was delicious! We got six items but I can't remember the names of all of them - there was a very plain dumpling with shrimp in it, one with meat that was a little spicier, the lotus leaf and sticky rice thing, a chicken bun, the water chestnut cake (love the crispy texture on the bottom, and the burnt sugar flavor-like creme brulee!) and a sort of gummy or gooey ball that I think was deep fried and crusted with sesame seeds - a great texture and flavor combination!

So I guess I have you to thank for my excellent lunch today - Thanks! Also the restaurant itself is very pleasant place in every way.

Joyce said...

Hi Cyndi! Glad you liked the place! The very plain dumpling is just that: shrimp dumplings (ha gow). The good thing about dim sum is that you get to see the food before you order it so you don't have to know the name :)

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