Thursday, July 8, 2010

~ Wedding Cupcakes from Cake Dreams ~

It was hard to decide between Georgetown Cupcakes and Cake Dreams for my wedding cupcakes. But, at the end, I picked Cake Dreams because it was just closer. The price was about the same. I got the cupcake tree on Save On Here's my purple and yellow cupcake tree! I wish I have better pictures of the whole tree, but I don't know where I put them.

I spraypainted the cardboard tree with acrylic, non-toxic spray paint from Michaels. It took 2 bottles! Then, I used double sided tape to put ribbons around the circular disks. I didn't like the spray paint very much. It took a few coats and it was still uneven. I think putting wrapping paper on it would have had better results. By the way, if anyone wants this cupcake tree, let me know. It can be reused for sure.

I have a 8lb cake on top. I was going to put some organza flowers on top, but I forgot. There was space to put some around it though. One of the reasons I picked Cake Dreams was because they can make this cake for me to put on top. This way, we have a cake to cut. Though we actually didn't cut the cake. But that's another story. Can you tell there are 2 flavors?

This is lemon with regular yellow cake.

This is peanut butter with yellow cake. I love them both!

Everything was awesome! I had a lot left over though. I ate cupcakes every day for a week! That's right, the cupcakes still tasted awesome even after a week being in the fridge. So, if you want cupcakes for your special occasions, head over to Cake Dreams. The owner, Michele, is very nice. She sat down with me and found out exactly what I wanted. She even ordered special cupcake wrappers because I wanted yellow wrappers. I had to pay extra though. It was worth it. They look so cute! She's also very flexible. I had a last minute color and flavor change and she was very accommodating. She was also very clear with my order and provided a detailed invoice. Everything was great. Thanks Michele!

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