Wednesday, July 28, 2010

~ Sunshine after a Freak Storm ~

On Sunday, after weeks of sunshine and heat, the skies got dark and the wind picked up and.... BOOM!  The power went out after the first gust of wind and remained so for about 12 hours!  The rain and wind stopped long before that though.  And the sun came out soon after too.  Sunshine and water droplets means picture time!  These flowers were standing up tall and strong before the storm.  Poor things!

These were doing a little better.

There are plenty of pictures.  Just want to show off a little bit.  I love yellow :)

I like this one, but it has been slightly edited to add contrast.

I like how the water drops lined up on this leaf!

A closer shot with added contrast....

My parents got these caladium (Pink Elephant Ear) plants for the wedding and they look so good with the water drops on them!

My favorite!

I love these two but I think the composition is not that great.  Love the color and perspective though.  The first one has more black and adds more contrast and interest I think. 

I want to take closer shots!  Want a macro lens but I think I want to upgrade to a Nikon before purchasing any more lens for the Pentax.  I have too many hobbies!


Lewelya said...

they are soooo lovely!
Well done!

elsiee said...

beautiful delicate images - you really captured that wonderland moment after the rain

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