Tuesday, July 27, 2010

~ New Swarovsk Crystal Star Colors ~

I am so super excited!!! My beloved Swarovski crystal stars now come in eight new colors!!  I just ordered some and they arrived today! The new colors are light siam, light rose, sapphire, aquamarine, black diamond, jonquil and light colorado topaz.  There's also crystal red magma that should arrive in a couple of days.

I will be using these babies to make some earrings and necklaces for my Etsy shop tomorrow.  I would make them today, but I left my spool of chain at a friend's house =.=

I can't wait to make something for myself using these light topaz and jonquil stars!  Yay for more yellow!!


Licia said...

those green ones are nifty! :)

Joyce said...

Those are actually gray.... =.= LR was messing with my picture colors!

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