Wednesday, August 4, 2010

~ My Yellow Sketchers Shape Ups ~

Before the demise of Bing Cashback program, there was 40% cashback on and 20% off Sketchers Shape Ups. I have heard many different things about the Shape Ups, ranging from marketing gimmick to best thing since sliced bread. My skeptical side tells me this is marketing gimmick, but for $40, it was worth a try. 

Of course I got a yellow pair.  It came with white laces and a pair of spare yellow laces.  I put in the yellow laces to see which one is better. 

Which one do you like more?  I also twisted the laces a little bit to create a criss cross look.  Of course I kept it with the yellow laces.  I took walks around the lake with Momo twice with these shoes.  They are comfy but I wasn't specially tired after my walks.  I think they may work more on people's psychology then physiology.  Now that people have cool shoes to walk in and they just walk more.  Maybe they only "work" because they are heavy.  Try strapping lead plates to your calves everyday when you walk around like in the kung fu movies.  I am sure you'll loose weight that way too.

Well, with these cool new shoes, I will be walking a few times around the lake every week.  I need to loose a lil weight after letting myself go after the wedding :)  Do you have a pair of these?  Do you think they work?

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Andee Layne said...

ive been super curious about these! love the bright laces :) look forward to hearing how the work! im also looking into the reebok pair!

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