Tuesday, August 10, 2010

~ UFO at Your Local Grocery Store ~

Watch out! There are UFOs in the grocery store! Well, UFO peaches :)

I usually don't care for peaches.  They taste fine, but the fuzz bothers me a little bit.  And they are so big so I can never finish one on my own.  The first time I saw these about six years ago, I just wanted one because they are so cute and small!
These are also known as donut peach or saturn peach.  These are super sweet and juicy!  They are also pretty firm and less fuzzy.  I hate mushy fruits.  One little peach is the perfect for a little snack. 

Ok, I must admit that the main reason I eat these is because they are cute!  They are great photo subjects too!  I love their colors!

This is the bottom of the peach.  Cute?  If you find these at your grocery stores, try one! 

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