Thursday, August 12, 2010

~ Wedding Flowers from Lulu's Florist ~

I debated for a long time whether to use real flowers or fake flowers for my wedding bouquets.  I looked on a lot of websites for real touch calla lilies, but they are just as expensive as real ones!  I saw some really pretty silk flowers bouquet but I was afraid they look really fake in person.  So, about 2 months before the wedding,  I decided to just get real flowers and a friend recommended Lulu's Florist in Bethesda.

I made an appointment via the phone and went to there with my husband.  Liz, the owner, was super nice.  And the other guy, I think may have been her husband, was also very nice.  He gave us bottles of water and made us feel right at home when we got there.  Liz asked me what I wanted and explained to me what would work and what would not work for a June wedding.  I wanted only yellow and blue flowers, but she suggested some white roses and it worked out very well!  The white gave the bouquets more depth and interest.  And she was also very accommodating when I had a last minute color change from blue to purple.

Liz also worked with me on the budget.  The first estimate she gave me was over my budget so she suggested making some replacements and everything turned out so well!  All the estimates she gave me was detailed nad well written.  I knew exactly what I was getting.  I got beautiful flowers within my budget delivered on time.  I also appreciated how she was available on the phone and email.  

Even the boutonnière turned out better than I imagined.  The only issue was that a few of the flowers fell out of the bouquet.  And it was pretty heavy.  When I did the bouquet toss, I used one of the bridesmaid's bouquets 'cause I didn't want to hurt anyone.  But the flowers lasted very well!  Even 3 days later, the bouquet looked fine.

The photographers did a good job taking pictures of the flowers so I can remember them for the rest of my life.  The rings look so much better inside the flowers than on our hands!  Lulu's Florist has flowers for all kinds of occasions.  I am sure you'll enjoy your experience there.


Jasmin said...

Great photos. And the flowers look lovely! Great choice!

The Beading Gem said...

The florist did a great job. The color balance is just perfect! Love the pictures!

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