Sunday, August 29, 2010

~ Super Mario Mushroom Candy ~

I first saw these from a friend's Facebook pictures. They are so cute!!! I wanted them and a quick search showed a lot of websites online that sell them for $3 - $7. But, there's shipping. I wanted one, but it seemed a little silly to pay that much for candy.

So, I forgot about it for a while, till I saw them at Bed, Bath and Beyond!  I was so surprised!  They had red, green and blue and also some other Super Mario related candy.  This was was about $3.  I wanted them all, but really, I don't eat that much candy.  I just want the tin can.

Look, even the candy inside are little mushrooms!  These are supposed to be sour cherry favor.  They are not sour.  I don't really taste the cherry.  They are sweet though.  Not something I would ever buy again if it's not for the tin can. 

It looks like it's made in China, but at least it's a official Nintendo product.  I think I ate like 3 since I bought it a few weeks ago.  I don't want to waste the candy, but I just don't have any desires to eat it.  It looks good on my studio table though.  As soon as the candy is gone, it'll be housing my beads :)  Should I get the blue one and green one too?


Emma said...

those are so cute!! I always think about buying them when I see them random places. I think this music/movie store chain FYE has them sometimes. So cute!

Kittin said...

wow i'm so tempted to find bed,bath and beyond now! i love the can!

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