Thursday, September 2, 2010

~ Swarovski 2011/2012 Autumn/Winter Innovation ~

Guess what? It's that time again! New Swarovski crystals are coming out soon! I am very excited about the 2011/2012 Autumn/Winter Innovation. I think this is my favorite since the 5714 star beads came about. First, let's look at the new colors, beads and pendants...


This new color has such a pretty name! Crystal Silver it me or does it remind you of twilight?  It's actually an effect instead of a new color, like golden shadow and red magma.  It looks like it is a darker than black diamond but has a silver sheen like silver shade.  I would pair it with fuschia, aquamarine or violet I think.  My mind is already working on new pieces!

I am so excited that there's a new yellow! It's called Sunflower and it's such a rich, warm yellow! It's like light topaz but more golden and bright. Love it! It comes in star shape too so I am super excited!

This is the 5752 Clover bead.  Love it.  Looks like 4 little hearts!  I think this will be a very popular bead.
This oval bead was inspired by chinese lanterns and called 5030 Lantern.  I am thinking chunky bracelets with these.


I love this 6240 wild heart pendant! It has an attitude and it is so much more interesting than the normal 6202 heart pendant. Just can not wait to get my hands on this!

6040 Helios Pendant will look amazing with just a ribbon tied to it.  The facets mimics sunrays and will sure be a sparkly focal piece.

This 6128 mini pear pendant is going to make very pretty princess inspired necklaces!  I am going to attempt some more complicated necklaces for the holiday season and this will come in handy!

What?? Really?? These are going to be interesting! Swarovski has applied 3 different motifs in black to clear crystal pendants and beads.

There's going to be a big Swarovski crystal haul once these babies come out!  It's time to get ready for the holiday season!  Let's see if I can make it to 200 items in my Etsy jewelry shop by Thanksgiving :)

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Lyn said...

They are beautiful and I imagine you will do some lovely creating with them cannot wait to see postings of your new creations :0)

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