Monday, September 27, 2010

~ Handmade Jewelry Inspired by the Falling Leaves ~

After the wonderful picnic and being close to all that nature, I was inspired to make some Autumn pieces. I love the warm earth tones and cute pine cones and pine nuts.  Add some mums and rich purple flowers and you get a rich fall palette like this bracelet.

The yellow and orange flower crystals are rare vintage Swarovski daisy crystals.  Don't they look cute with the pine nut and pine cone? 

I also made a necklace with a bigger pine cone and an oak leave.  I have this huge oak tree in front of my house and these leaves are going to cover my lawn in a month or so!

I also put together these super sparkly earrings.  I love the helix beads and they sparkle even more in golden shadow and crystal copper.

These babies also have helix crystals in purple velvet.  It's hard to photograph these crystals.  The color is not as blue as the pictures. 

Finally, a simple warm necklace made from 14mm sparkly rondelle crystals in Crystal Red Magma.  Super warm and super sparkly!

I couldn't help myself and I used these awesome earwires with bails from my supplies shop.  These are not sterling silver, but I love them too much not to use them.  Aren't these earrings so pretty?

These will be listed in my jewelry shop soon!! I had so much fun making jewelry this weekend :)  Feeling so inspired lately!


Amy Nicole/RubyMtnBeads said...

Beautiful work. I love Fall! These pieces are perfect for the season.

Daph said...

Very Pretty!!

jollygems said...

very nice jewelry


Meke said...

pine cone is so sweet idea!

Meke said...

Pine cone is so sweet idea! Nice work

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