Thursday, September 30, 2010

~ New Rare Colors for Swarovski Crystal Stars ~

 I posted about new colors for my favorite Swarovski crystal star beads before.  But, I found more!  Supposedly, there's fuchsia and olivine!!!  I am so super excited because they make great earrings!

I just finished listing these earrings because I am too excited about them to not list them.  I am really liking the dark brown background in the pictures too.  It's warmer than gray and more unique.

I am going to share these beads with all you fellow beaders too!  These are now listed in my supplies shop.  You won't find these anywhere else right now.  Not at Artbeads, Fusionbeads, Fire Mountain Gems, Brightlingsbeads and Beadinpath.

Swarovski Crystal Star Bead 5714 in Olivine

I just love this bright pink color!  What else should I make with these??  I am already thinking about charm bracelets!

And yes, I did buy the factory pack.  Does it make business sense?  Not really, but I really, really wanted them and I can only get them in factory packs.  I hope someone else loves them too!  I am not crazy right?

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