Saturday, September 25, 2010

Where Will Ren's Ramen Go?

I love ramen! NYC has Ippudo. DC has Ren's Ramen. I went there a couple weeks ago, right before they moved.  We had dumplings and, of course, ramen.  The dumplings were yummy!

I love this!  Corn is always so good!  I think the noodles are shipped here from Japan or something.  The texture is wonderful!

The eggs are awesome too!  The yolk is cooked just right and so soft and gooey!

I am glad they are moving though.  The place was so dingy and small!  It was like a campus hole in the wall restaurant.  I hope they move to a nicer place but keep the prices the same.  It does seem a lil crazy to pay $10 for a bowl of noodles.  I can just make instant ramen at home with fried eggs, sausage and veggies for much less :)

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