Friday, September 10, 2010

~ Good Deals for Business/Thank You Cards ~

I am completely out of business cards for my supplies shop and needed to get more. I have always ordered from VistaPrint for the free 250 business cards, but they charge $5 for each design upload. I wanted to have a back side too and that's $10 just to upload! They usually send out a promotional email for free uploads but I haven't gotten one in a while.  They also charge for the back side.  Color is $12.99 I think.  Black and white is $6.99.

So, I googled and found The first order is free! It's only for 100, but for $3.95 shipped, it's not bad at all. Their website is kind of weird though.  It has all these weird animations.

I also ordered from  250 cards, free design uploads, front and back for $7.95 shipped.  One thing I worry about with is that it says "business cards with front and back" in the cart, but the discount code is for "single side cards only".  I hope that's just a misprint on their part and they send me double sided cards.  That's why I ordered from too even though it's not as cheap per card.  Just in case overnightprints give me single sided cards....

I am using these as business cards as thank you cards to be included in my packages.  I really have no use for business cards.  I only include them in my packages anyway so may as well write "Thank you" on them so I don't have to.  There's the back side.  I also added a link to my Facebook page.

Here's the front side.  It is simple but took me an hour to "design".  At first, I really wanted to have individual products float up from the clouds like bubbles.  But, it just didn't look right.  It's easier just to take a picture of a bunch of my favorite items.

Anyway, just google for "free business cards" and these sites will be in the "sponsored links" area at the top.   Let me know if you find other good deals!

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