Sunday, September 26, 2010

~ Momo and Chloe at Black Hills ~

Chloe was staying with me over the weekend and we all went to Black Hills Regional Park for a little picnic. Surprisingly, Chloe didn't really run around like Momo. I think she had fun though because she was getting lots of attention from my friends.  Momo had a lot of fun running around too.  They were both so dirty that it took forever to bathe them!

We also met up with a bigger friend Mac the Shiba Inu.

I took this opportunity to take some pictures.  Trees and leaves have such interesting texture but I just love the colors of flowers more.

I found mushrooms!!  These are totally cute!  And very yummy looking!

Black Hills is pretty nice!  We were afraid there would be no shelters left for us to have the picnic but there are a lot of picnic tables and grills at parking lot 3, right across the road from visitor center.  There were a lot of people by the afternoon though.  Glad we were outside on this beautiful fall day!


Emma said...

omg cute doggies! You take such great dog pictures! I always take crappy ones because the dogs move their heads so fast at just the wrong times!

Joyce said...

thanks emma! it takes a lot of shots to get one good one :)

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