Friday, October 1, 2010

~ The Easiest Way to Run a Sale on Etsy ~

One of the pain points of Etsy is that you can't do bulk changes on prices of the your items.  And there's no coupon code system so what do you do when you want to have a sale?  Either do the tedious work of changing each individual listing and then change them back after the sale, or offer refund through Paypal or revised invoice.  PAIN.   But worry now more! to the rescue!!

EtsyOnSale is easy!  You just sign it using Google, allow access to your Etsy shop and fill out a simple for to start a sale.  I got a sale running in 2 minutes after I signed in!  So far, you can either do all listings on 1 section in your shop.  Discount is either % off or dollar amount off.   You may want to run more complicated sales like 10% off $100 like you can on Artfire, but this not the purpose of EtsyOnSale.  I also don't think a 3rd party service can do something like that for Etsy.

Anyway,  for my first sale, I am doing 15% off my polymer clay section in my supplies shop for this weekend.  Look how all the prices changed and a prefix "...Sale..." was added to the listing title.  After the weekend, everything will change back to the way it was. 
This is pretty new and there are improvements and issues I see already.
  1. People are supposed to be able to browse through sale items set on sale on Etsy On Sale website.  But, I haven't seen my items added yet.  It may just take time though.  The sale items are on their website now!
  2. I can't find a place to connect my jewelry shop!  Customer support said it's not possible right now.
  3. There's no "My Account" page.  I have to click on Sellers, and a few other links to get to the page to add a sale.  It's a little bit weird.
  4. I didn't see anything about what happens if I put new listings up or relist items after they are sold.  Will they automatically be put on sale?  Someone please buy something now so I can test it! :)
Other than that, it does what it's supposed to do and it helps a lot with sales!  Now I can run a weekend sale every week!  Saves me so much time and hopefully will get more buyers.  This is going to be awesome for the holidays!


Luster Canyon said...

YAY, awesome and thank you! I have been wanting to do a sale...but time does not allow for the long way. Hardest part now is remembering how to log in to google, lol.

The Beading Gem said...

Great find! I'm making note of this one.

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