Sunday, October 17, 2010

~ Hiking at Sugarloaf Mountains ~

I don't hike often, but I like hiking a lot!  Last weekend and this weekend, a bunch of my friends and I got together with our dogs and hiked!  I love seeing Momo on the trail.  He's so good!  He doesn't run off even when he's off leash.  He'll go ahead of me but come back to check on me because I am slow.  He's so good with climbing the rocks too!!

Today, we went to Sugarloaf Mountain and hiked on the blue trail.  It was a little weird getting there because the entrance looks like a private house.  But, once we figured it out, it was such a fun hike!  It's not that hard, but certainly have lots of uphill and rocks.  We even crossed a small stream and Momo loved it.

This is him ready to pounce across the stream.  He got all muddy and I had to bathe him just like last weekend.  I was hoping this week, he can keep himself clean enough that I only have to wash his feet, but no.  What does he care about bathing, he just wants to have fun!

We have fun just climbing on rocks.  I was trying to do the Lion King scene, but it was tough!  I am sure Momo was wondering why the heck I was dangling him from 6ft in the air!

There were plenty of great photo ops too.  Here are a couple of my favorites.  Nothing too exciting though.

The view was great at White Rocks.  The sky was beautiful and everything just looked so peaceful!  It was quite windy up there though! 

The blue trail was about 5 miles and it was a good distance.  I can really feel the physical toll right now.  Last week when we went to Great Falls, it was a more challenging hike but shorter.  At the end, I wasn't even tired, but I was certainly scared at a few points when I had to climb up the rocks and slide back down.  Fall is such a great time for hiking!  I hope I can find some time and companions to hike again soon before it gets too cold!

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