Friday, October 15, 2010

~ Swarovski Crystal and Polymer Clay Doll Head Figurine Tutorial ~

When I first saw these little figurines, I wanted one in every color!  They are so dang cute!  I sell these in my jewelry shop and I also sell the polymer clay doll head beads in my supplies shop.  For those of you who are crafty and wants one of these, read on and then get the beads from my shop!

There are 2 parts to this figurine:  body and legs.  Legs are optional and can be done with chain or eye pins.  It's very simple so I am going to leave that to you.  Here's what you need for the body
8- 3mm bicones (5301 or 5328)
2- 5mm bicones (5301 or 5328)
6- 6mm rivolis (6200)
6- 8mm rivolis (6200)
1- Polymer clay doll head bead
1- 3.5 inch eyepin, 22 gauge or 20 gauge
1- Non-elastic cord.  0.4mm is a good size.  

Step 1:  Create the 3 layers by stringing the crystals as shown in these diagrams.

Step 2:  Attach the legs to the eye pin.  You can use chains and dangle small beads at the end or eye pins or whatever you feel like.  You want to attach the legs first because it may be hard to attach them after you put the rest of the beads on the eye pin.

Step 3:  Put the layers on the eye pin as shown in the diagram.  Finish by carefully forming a simple loop above the polymer clay head bead.

Step 4:  Attach this charm to whatever you want.  Use it as a cute pendant or add it to a cute phone strap.

Easy right?  I hope you enjoy this tutorial!  Please let me know if you have any questions or have trouble finding the supplies.  I will be posting another tutorial soon!


Kittin said...

i already knew how to make this since i had a similar charm before, but this tutorial is really awesome seeing how u drew everything. =]

Joyce said...

Thanks :D

My next tutorial will be making a witch ... maybe that one will be more useful to u :)

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