Saturday, October 16, 2010

~ Bon Chon: The Best Korean Fried Chicken ~

I usually eat pretty healthy, but once in a while I cave to Popeyes or garlic pork belly slices.  And now, I have Bon Chon

Bon Chon serves many different dishes but all I had was the chicken. I had the spicy and regular. Spicy has a good kick. I ate 1 spicy and my mouth was burning 3 regular pieces later.  This chicken is not like any fried chicken I have ever had before.  It doesn't taste or look like it's breaded but the outside is so crunchy!!!  The inside is tender and it's sweet and tangy and just so good!!!!!

We also got an order of fish balls. It's all fried. All kinds of different fish balls. The square one is my favorite. Very good stuff!!!

I think it takes a long time for them to fry the chicken, but my awesome friend made reservations and ordered for us.  When we got there the food was already on the table!  I love that kind of dinner!  No need to look at the menu.  No chit chatting...just sit down and eat!!!

It's a good thing that Bon Chon is in Annadale, VA and I am too lazy to drive there just to eat.  Otherwise, my arteries are going to clogged up and I'll probably end up having a heart attack as I  am putting the big drum stick in my mouth.  *drool*

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