Wednesday, October 6, 2010

~ Newest Swarovski Crystal Star Jewelry ~

I was inspired by all the Swarovski crystal stars I have and made a few things this weekend!  I spent a few hours taking pictures last night but I didn't like them.  I was trying to go for a lighter background and brighter look to match the "Happy" in Happy Cloud Moments.  I found this paper that was pretty and blue and has the word happiness on it.  I thought it would be perfect.  Here's a quick compare of the light blue background vs the dark brown background that I have been using.  Big difference right?  The colors of the crystals just pop so much more with a darker background!

I think I am going to stick with this background for now.  I may get a matte gray textured paper later because that's more neutral.  Anyway, let me introduce my newest pride and joy!  First, pretty star charm bracelets.  The yellow and blue one (Wishing for Sunshine) is for me.  I just can't resist yellow stars.   Wishing for Candy is inspired by the colors of Little Twin Stars.  And Wishing for a Date is just... pretty?  It was hard for me to name this one.

This necklace will match the Wishing for Candy bracelet.  I love these colors and it's matches so well with the crown!  And with that cute heart chain, it's just so very girly!

 Next, I have more Autumn Inspired pieces.  There's the fun one for Halloween called Wicked.  I usually don't do seasonal jewelry but I couldn't resist.  Halloween is a fun holiday!

More fall colors with this pretty orange and olive green star necklace and these fish earrings.  I have been using these figure 8 chains a lot because I think they are unique and very pretty.

This one is for all the Scorpios out there!  Well, it's really more for me.  A scorpion for Scorpio and pink star because October birthstone is pink tourmaline.  Don't worry, if you are a November Scorpio, I can make it in yellow for you!

Another pink one for October.  This time in the form of love birds! 

 Ok, this one is a little bit random.  I was think about a circus and these colors just jumped at me! 

I have listed a few items on Etsy and will be listing more later.  Hopefully more new items to come soon!  I placed another for the new Swarovski crystal heart pendants and clover beads today.  Yes, I am a shopaholic :)


InsideOut Elle said...

The wishing for sunshine reminds me of the Twinkle earrings I bought ^_^ so pretty! Really like the witch hat and circus necklace too...beautiful play of colors!

Joyce said...

that would match ur twinkle earrings :)

Thanks for the compliments :)

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