Saturday, October 30, 2010

~ Lots of New Items at Happy Cloud Supples ~

My dad is back from Hong Kong and he brought some awesome stuff back for me!!  I have been busy taking pictures and listing.  Honestly, I am surprised that I haven't gotten as many sales considering how much stuff I am listing every day.  There's so much unrest in the Etsy forums about the new changes and drops in sales.  Should I blame Etsy too??  Nah... I think I really need to put an ad out somewhere.  I noticed that only about 10-15% of visits to my shop are new.  I need new customers!

Anyway, here are the new stuff!  I am not done listing yet, but if you see anything that you need to have right now, just let me know and I will make a custom listing for you!  First, let's look at... the cutest little bells!  I got little piggies, froggies, bunnies, chicks and penguins!  The chicks will be perfect for Easter!  The bunnies are great for the fall season too because it has little maple leaves on its sides.

 I got more cute lampwork glass charms!  The mice are glow in the dark!!  I got more owls and sheeps too.  Glow in the dark star charms are also restocked!  Those were very popular so get yours before I run out again!

 Last time I was in Hong Kong, I got myself one of these and everyone who saw them wanted one.  So, I told my dad to grab a few for me to sell.  These are the cutest measuring tapes!  They are retractable which is awesome because I hate having my old measuring tape getting all tangled up.  They also come with a chain and you can conveniently hook them up to your craft bags.  When you pull their bodies, the measuring tape comes out.  It's like decapitating them!  These are awesome gifts for all crafters!

More polymer clay doll head beads!  Watermelon is super cute!!!  Also, the Fleurette the Fairy is back in stock!  If you are wondering what to do with these, check out this tutorial!

 I got a lot of new rhinestone charms!  Let's add some bling to everything!  There are a few heart related items, keys, snow flake and bows!  Some of the pictures didn't turn out that well though.  I may have to retake the pics using a different background.  Check out the lil giraffes!!

I also restocked the romantic gold and pink charms and got a new one!  See the 2nd one?  It's so sweet and romantic!!  It's a vintage looking bike with a basket of flowers!  Super super super pretty!

Which one is your favorite?  I just love the measuring tape because it's so cute and practical!!  But, I love bling too!  And giraffes!  I just love supplies! :)

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