Friday, October 29, 2010

~ Butler's Orchard Pumpkin Festival ~

It's been a while!  Sorry, I have been busy!  October is always a busy month with lots of festivities.  This past weekend, I hung out at the Butler's Orchard Pumpkin Festival.  There were a lot of people!!  It's definitely more geared towards little kids with all the little games, face painting, little corn mazes and slides.  I like the slide though.  I was glad I wasn't the only adult on it.

There wasn't that much food at the festival.  The usual carnival food and fresh dipped caramel apple.  I just had bbq beef sandwich which was pretty good!

We went through the corn maze which was interesting.  It just seems weird to me to see all that corn going to waste.  That's food people!

Maybe it's ok because it doesn't look like yummy corn. 

It's ok though, I think we were just there to enjoy the hay ride and get some pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.  I have never been on a hay ride and I was slightly disappointed that it was just riding on a truck with hay.  What's the big deal???  It was just nice to look around.

I did enjoy seeing all the pumpkins on the field though.  They look so cute lying there, waiting for someone to take them home.  Can you see how anxious they are?

Of course, this place is just full of photo ops.  I did lug my pentax to the festival to abuse this opportunity.  I like this picture 'cause it looks pretty magical and reminds me of Cinderalla.

I like pumpkins with bumpy skin.  Gives it so much more character.

These things are heavier than they look!!!  My arms were very tired after lifting this!  I ended up not picking a pumpkin because they are all so big.  I just don't know what to do with them.

We stopped by the farmer's market right outside the festival.  There are so many different kinds of pumpkins they sell!  Some of them look cook but some just look really weird and creepy like the peanut one (2nd pic) and the red warty thing.  The blue and white pumpkins are pretty though.

I found the biggest and smallest pumpkin.  Aren't they cute together?

I love the small pumpkins and the weird looking squashes.  I got a few just for fun!

See, this size is so much cuter!  I think it fits me more.

The farmer's market has a lot of other fun stuff like this bag of cute pastas!  If I have kids, I will totally get these for them.

All in all, it was a fun day. I just wonder if they refill the pumpkin patch every night with pumpkins from other fields. I mean, the pumpkins look like they were just left there. Sure I saw some vines, but I don't think that field can grow enough pumpkins to supply all the people that were at the festival. So, really, there's no difference between buying a pumpkin from the market vs picking one right? Anyway, a friendly tip if you plan on going to the festival this weekend. Bring cash! $10 per person for entry and it's cash only.

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Teresa said...

I'm guessing they will still harvest the corn after the festival is over. It is field corn, which is used for animal feed.

Looks like fun. Great photos - love the little and big pumpkin shot!

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