Thursday, October 7, 2010

~ Travel Back in Time at the Maryland Renaissance Festival ~

I have heard of the Renaissance festival a few times before and this past weekend I finally got a chance to go! I was so excited though the hour of traffic tired me out! By the way, if you are going, you may want to either go really early or take Honeysuckle Rd. There's only 1 road from the highway to the fairground that everyone takes and it's packed!  So, what's there to do at this festival? 

 Yes, of course.  I am all about the food.  Most of the food is very typical carnival food like funnel cake and hot dogs.  They even have egg rolls!  But, of course all the food stands has Renaissance themes.  My favorite was the italian sausage at the Steaks on a Stake place.  The cheesecake on a stick was good too!  The turkey leg was a little bit salty for me though.

 There are so many cute things there!  All kinds of fun hats and Renaissance costumes, jewelry, magic wands, fake swords, lotions, pottery and more!  I saw quite a few handmade jewelry stands there too. 

Look Around
It is pretty cool to see the buildings and people in costumes.  The whole place does feel like a bustling Renaissance town.  It's huge too!  Don't forget to get a map!

Play Games
There are quite a few unusual carnival games like knife and axe throwing.  They also have a wall climbing game with various difficulty level.  It's cute to see kids dressed up in their knights costume and trying to climb up the fake castle wall to grab the stuffed animals.  There's also a big playground for kids.  And there were elephant rides!!!

There are many other activities like hair braiding, face painting, and many performances to watch.  As crowded as it was, it wasn't too hard to find a seat to eat or watch shows.  Tickets are $18 for adults and $8 for kids.  They are only open for the weekends till the 24th.  This weekend's weather is supposed to be gorgeous so it'll be a good day to check it out!


Jeweled Thumb said...

I can't believe this was only your first time at the Faire!!!! I love it. I haven't gone in ages but I used to go every year! I can't wait till we go. I think I've finally convinced my husband (it'll be his first time too)!

Joyce said...

hehe my husband refused to go! have fun with ur husband! :)

The Beading Gem said...

That sounds like so much fun! What no jousting tournaments?

Joyce said...

Ooo there are! I just didn't see it 'cause I didn't want to wait :)

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