Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~ Awesome Deal for Spa World on Groupon ~

I went to Spa World about a month ago and it was pretty awesome.  It's in Centreville, next to a Korean grocery store.  It is usually $35 for entrance fee.  With today's Groupon, it's only $15!  $15!!!!  Please head over to Groupon and get this deal now!  They have these awesome comfy chairs....

And many funny statues.... Anyways, here's how the spa works.  You pay the entrance fee and you can use their sauna, bade pool with different massage jets, hot tubs and seven poultice rooms that employ rejuvenating elements drawn from Mother Earth's natural petticoats, such as hot red clay, germanium, heated charcoal, and amethyst.  My favorite rooms are the hot red clay where you lie in red clay balls and the amethyst room because it's so pretty.  One of the 7 rooms is a cold room, which feels very good after you have been to the hot room.

You can stay in the place for 24 hours and there's a big communal area for you to rest and eat and watch tv or read.  There are other services like massage and body scrubs that costs extra money.  I got a body scrub and it was interesting!  My skin was so nice afterward.  I usually have very dry skin in the winter but after the scrub, my skin was nice and smooth for a month!  Now, it's starting to be a little dry again so I think it's spa time :)  The scrubbing process is a little bit weird though.  They put you on this table and just scrub you down like you are a dirty dish.

And yes, you'll be naked. In the bade pool area, everyone is naked. Boys and Girls are separated though. Only the poultice rooms area are public.  Everything is nice and clean and professional.  So, grab your friends and head over there! Don't forget the Groupon deal :)


lisa said...

hi!! i love your blog!!!

i'm originally from moco too :)

lisa said...

omg you know what is so funny.. i think we have mutual friends.. are you friends with tammy?

InsideOut Elle said...

ahhh I was SO excited when I saw this on groupon ^_^ The only problem with this place is that I get so hungry after the sweat rooms and come out 5 lbs heavier ^^;;

Joyce said...

haha i know! we went to il mee to have kbbq buffet afterwards last time :D

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