Tuesday, February 8, 2011

~ Zuma Blitz Tips: Hearts and Flowers ~

I broke 2M!!!!!!!!!  Yay!  *GLOAT*  I didn't even play that much last week.  No competition so less legitimate reason to play.  And, all the powers are expensive now!  It's about $6000/game!  Sometimes, it sucks to have such a high level in this game.

This week's Zuma Blitz board is so cute.  Just perfect for Valentine's day with the concentric heart shape tracks and little flowers.

To me, there are 2 tricky parts to this board.  One is where the tracks crisscross near the top.  It's confusing to me.  And once the balls get that far, I get nervous because they will soon reach the skull!  And it blocks the fruits and all the other power balls.  Another trick part is that the track is short!  If I don't use any powers, the balls usually get really close to the skull!  I almost died a few times!

The fruits are not hard to get though.  It's on the upper left and right corners.  If you just have 1 track of ball in front of it, you have plenty of time to knock a hole in the track and get the fruit.

But, if you are slow, then you are screwed!  You see that fruit?  Just dangling in front of your face and you just can't get to it.  Very frustrating!  Though concentric tracks always have the advantage of gap shots.  Just let 1 track go close to the skull then start clearing the balls from the end but leave a few behind to create a big gap.

As with any boards with good fruit position, you should use Epic Fruit.  But, it's an expensive power up.  You can substitute with bombs or Multiplier if you like.  I always play with Tempus Fugit.  And you need some kind of explosives for this board so either bombs or sun frog.  I like sun frog because it's only 1500 Mojo and I can clear the tracks with it.  If you are not good with getting hot frog, stick with the bombs.  By the way, being level 72 sucks!  It takes 6500 Mojo for me to play a decent game!

Here's my score so far, let's see if I can break 2M again this week!  Good luck!

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