Sunday, February 13, 2011

~ The End of Winter ~

Well, not quite the end of winter, but I was hoping it would be. It was so sunny today and the temperature was in the 50s! So, I packed my Canon S95 and Momo and took a walk by the lake.  The sky was so very blue!

And the clouds were so pretty!  Of course, it was a lot colder than I thought.  The wind was so chilly!  Even the lake is still half frozen!

And there was still left over snow.... That's so weird.  Usually snow here melts in a few days, but it has been over 2 weeks!

Here's Momo, walking the plank...
Look how icy it still is!

I think this is one of my favorites because it looks like a monster is going to come out of the hole!

I had some fun with the miniature setting with the S95.  It's.... interesting.....

I look pictures of these before and they are still there!  Very pretty against the blue sky!

Ok, so can you tell the difference between the pictures I took with the Pentax K100d versus the S95?  I think all cameras are the same in my hands since I use the Auto setting.  I know.... shame on me...  I am reading the manual for S95 though so soon I will venture into other settings!

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