Friday, February 4, 2011

~ More New Charms and Cabochons for Happy Cloud Supplies ~

Yes, I had another supplies haul.  I couldn't help it!  I had to restock on these awesome earwires and strawberry bells.  Along the way, I decided to pick up some pretty dahlia cabochons.  Are these dahlias, mums, or chrysanthemums?  These have a frosted finish that is pretty rare in the marketplace so I thought I would start with these.  Aren't they pretty??

They come in 9 colors and I have a large amount of the coral pink ones.  The other colors are all limited to about 40-60.  So, if you want them, get them soon!

I got 2 enamel charms this time and both of them have rhinestones!  These are the cutest lady bugs I have ever seen!  Glossy enamel with little rhinestones....  I think these will look awesome as phone charms or on bracelets!

These are bigger and will work well as a pendant or purse charms.  Can they be any more girly?  Pink, pearlized enamel with rhinestones, hearts and bow!  I love these keys!

Of course, I got bling bling rhinestone charms.  Stars, Lovers, Crowns and Australia!

Yes, I did say Australia.  I have a fair bit of buyers from Australia so I thought I would show them some love. 

 And just for St Patrick's Day.... some clovers.  These are fun!  It has a little hole for you to clue a Swarovski rhinstone or even fill with some bright green enamel.  Just grab some and have fun with it!

More new items coming soon and the long overdue destash sale!  Just gotta get my stuff in order!

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