Wednesday, February 16, 2011

~ Zuma Blitz Tips: The Yellow Dirt Road ~

What a sad moment. I am hanging my head in shame because I didn't get the gold medal this week! I lost by 80,000 points! Sad!

 Ok, I am over it.  I am pretty proud of my score though!  A full 2:00 game! 

And 1M just for the fruits!  Yea!!!  That was a pretty unbelievable game.  I have gotten past 2M a few times, and 2.4 once.  But, just couldn't get past this score. 

And I got to level 80.  That was madness.  But I am so glad because my little froggy is now forever yellow.  Ok, the 10% speed boost helps too.

So, this week was kind of weird.... For some reason, they had an old board up for a while.  It was "Dark Sand" from about a month ago.  Strange.  Anyway, this week's Zuma Blitz board is confusing!  These curves are killing me.  And the yellow track makes it hard to see the yellow balls!

The fruits are in the little curve in the upper right and lower left hand corner.  Pretty easy to get to so this is another high scoring board.  It is a little bit tricky though.  The curves makes you think you can hit the fruit but really, there's a ball in the way.

Anyway, here's my choice of powers for this week.  You gotta have the time and I am pretty confident that I can get the fruits, so Epic Fruit.  Also, I like the Bombs because the tracks are close to one another.  Bombs are very effective.  This board is also awesome for gap shots!  Because the tracks come from opposite ends, it takes time to switch between aiming at the tracks.  So, concentrate on one track at a time.  I am not using Hot Frog because it's pretty hard to get the Hot Frog on this board.  I feel like the balls are more randomly placed.

Here's my score so far and I am #1 for now.  Hopefully, my Zuma arch nemesis won't be playing much this week so I can stay #1 :)

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