Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~ Zuma Blitz Tips: Dark Sand ~

Another week and another map for Zuma Blitz.  I name this one "Dark Sand".  I love how the maps are so different that I need different strategies this week.  At first, I thought this one is hard.  The fruits are in the upper left and right corners.  When there are 2 rows of balls in front of it, not even a flaming fireball can reach the fruit.  Another issue is that most of the time, the middle track is covering the outer track and it takes a while for the balls of the middle track to reach the bottom of the screen.  So, you are limited to where you can shoot the ball.

However, there are a few redeeming qualities for this map.
  1. The tracks are close to the frog so it's easier to aim.  
  2. Because the tracks are in concentric circles, you get a lot of chances to get gap shots. 
  3. Since your primary target is the balls coming in from the left hole, you can easily clear that track for an added bonus.  Yeah, I just figured out that you get bonus points for clearing a track.

This week, I have been using these powers when I have the Mojo.  I like bombs because the tracks are so close to each other that it's likely that there are a few bombs close enough to cause a chain reaction.  And you'll need the cannon to reach the fruits and treasure chests.  And I just unlocked Chrono Balls this week and it adds a second to every time ball that you get.  Pretty awesome.  But, at 2500 Mojo per game, I don't get to play with powers often.

This is why I like Chrono Balls.  Extra 36 seconds for the game.  Not bad at all.  I wold also recommend speed shot because you do need that little extra kick to get the gap shots.  So, if you don't have Chrono Balls yet, Speed Shot is a good alternative for this week.

Alright, I know now that 578k is nothing worth bragging about, but that's what I have so far.  Beat that~!  :)  By the way, playing on my macbook sucks.  I need a mouse with right click to effectively change the ball colors! 

*edit*  Muahahahaha :)


David said...

Hey that's much better than my score! I've only managed 260k in 2 weeks of playing! I don't have chronoballs yet but I tend to use bombs, cannon, and last hurrah if I have powers on. I'm guessing that this isn't the way forward and I should drop bombs for speedshot and try to go for gap shots, but I am not that good yet and still need to blow up loads of balls at once in order to stand a chance!

This game is too addictive. The last time I got into a Facebook game was Tetris and that was when I was doing my final year of my degree. Now I am supposed to be studying for my masters when I am not at work, but I always end up drifting on to Zuma...

Joyce said...

Keep trying :) Don't forget to use a mouse instead of track pad on a laptop :)

David said...

Ah that must be why I am so rubbish! I am struggling with my laptop mousepad! Maybe I should find a USB mouse just for this game. My previous excuse was that as I am red/green colourblind, I had trouble getting the blues and purples mixed up (and the yellows and greens!); I then found a colourblind setting in the option, so that scuppered that excuse... I have started getting the Hot Frog more often now though, so I must be improving!

Please post some more tips with next week's layout :)

Laura said...

Joyce, try hitting the space bar to swap the first and second color. It makes it all go faster. Now if I could get vaguely close to your scores. sigh....

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