Wednesday, December 8, 2010

~ New Romantic Pink and Gold Jewelry ~

I usually only use sterling silver in my jewelry, but that is getting ridiculously expensive! Prices has risen more than 33% over the past 2 years! So, just as a warning, I will be raising prices after new years. Anyway, I love these gold and pink charms in my supplies shop and just can't resist them anymore. So, I got some gold-plated chains and findings and made a few necklaces.  This one is my favorite!  I love this charm!  So romantic....

This just reminds me of a girl with long flowy hair, riding down a country road during sunset, after picking flowers in the fields.  So, I call this necklace, Country Road.

It's getting really cold here, but somewhere people are wearing bikinis!  And I am sure they will love this necklace with the pink enamel bikini charm and the pretty clay rose.  The bikini charm comes in white too and I can always make it with that if you like.

This one uses the carriage charm with a rose water opal in helix and a powder rose pearl.  Just perfect for a cream lace shirt.  Does this remind you of Cinderella?

All these necklaces are made with delicate twisted curb chain.  I think these chains are very feminine.  If these are popular, I will make more with other charms like this grandfather clock.  Hope you like these!

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