Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~ Awesome Taiwanese Food at Bob's Noodle 66 in Rockville ~

Did you notice that I haven't posted about restaurants in a while? Well, I haven't been eating out much. My dad cooks awesome meals for me all the time :) Last weekend though, I ventured out in the cold and rain and had lunch at Bob's Noodle aka Bob's 66 aka 66 in Rockville. Let's get right to the food. This is a Taiwanese Hamburger.

I didn't even know this is called a Taiwanese Hamburger.  It's like bread and cilantro and a piece of really fatty pork belly.  Yum yum~!  Who doesn't like pork bellies??

This is definitely one of my favorites!  I love this sweet and tangy sauce.  You know what it is?  It's called Oyster Pancake, but it's really like an omelet with oysters.  Don't worry, it's kinda healthy 'cause there is a bed of spinach underneath it.

See the spinach?  I guess it has a good amount of oil.  That's why it's all shiny and glossy looking.  It also has some kind of gelatin like thingy inside.  Just thinking about this makes me hungry!

Another one of my favorites is this bamboo shoots with pork.  These are like baby bamboo shoots.  Very tender and yummy.  The pork is very tender too.

This is a classic bowl of beef soup noodles.  A little bit spicy and big chunks of tender beef.

This is the Three Cup Chicken aka Ginger Chicken Casserole.  This is so good~!  The chicken is well seasoned and tender.  Some of you may not like it though because it's all dark meat and the chicken has bones and skin on it.  I love the skin.  So bad, but so good~!

This is a stir fried noodles.   It's good, but not as special as the chicken.  If you go there for lunch during the weekdays with a few people, you should try their lunch special.  It's $18.95 with 3 dishes, rice and 1 big bowl of soup to share.  I think it's enough for 4 people.  Or you can get one of those rice dishes like Pork Chop on Rice or Chicken Leg on Rice.  The rice comes with little things like pickled cabbage and an marinated egg.  Very good~!  One rice dish is enough for 2 meals for me and it's only $5.50!! 

Ok, enough about food.  The venue is like a typical Chinese restaurant.  Service is ok, nothing spectacular but nothing to complain about.  It is located conveniently by Rockville Town Center, close to Maxim and Kam San Chinese grocery markets.  It's also close to Cake Dream so you can always hop over there for some cupcake desserts.  Just keep in mind that Cake Dream is closed on Mondays :)  Oooo, by the way, all the food pictures were taken with the Canon S95 and they have not been altered except for the watermark.  Just gotta love that camera~!


Kittin said...

yum oyster pancakes!!! those are amazing.. but i never had veggies under and sauce on top...

Jeweled Thumb said...

I love how we live close by so I can use all your restaurant recs! Btw- have you tried Burma Road? I've become obsessed with their picked tea leaf salad - so good! It's in Gaithersburg. I always come up with excuses so my husband will take me there!

Joyce said...

@ Kittin My dad makes the oyster pancake without sauce and veggies too!

@ Jeweled Thumb I haven't tried Burma Road. I will have to try it soon :) Thanks for the rec!

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