Monday, December 13, 2010

~ Love My New Canon S95 ~

My Canon S95 arrived last week! I haven't had time to play with it that much but I did take it out for a quick test drive.  We were eating grape fruits so I just took a few shots.  This is the special mode for taking pictures in the dark.

This is just auto mode.  I think they are pretty comparable.  It wasn't that dark though.

This is with my pentax DSLR with no flash in auto mode. 

This is taken at night without flash.  I think this one is pretty good considering it was so dark outside!

This is also taken without flash at my house.  Not bad at all for a point and shoot I think.  The video is also very good.  So far, no buyer's regrets.  It's definitely a lot easier to just carry around and take day to day pictures.  I tried to take pictures of Momo running with this but it just doesn't zoom enough. 

I started to use the Canon to take pictures of my jewelry and supplies too.  Can you tell which one is taken with the Pentax and which one is taken with the Canon?  I think they both look fine so from now on, the I'll be using the Canon.  It's just easier and I think it's better for macros.  The Canon S95 has a lot of features that I have yet to explore.  I will post more studies soon!

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