Wednesday, December 22, 2010

~ Missha 50% off Sale and Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale~

Ok, what is up with these sales!  I feel like this year has some pretty good deals.  Here we are, 2 days before Christmas and I am still seeing sales!  Most tempting is Missha and Victoria's Secret.  Missha has 50% off everything except their BB creams.  I really don't need anything because I have enough skin care to probably last me a year!  But, I do kind of want to get their cleansing oil...  I have heard many good things about it.  It's only $12.5 for 200mL bottle!

And I am pretty curious about this Snail Cream. It sounds so disgusting! I don't know if it's because it just reminds me of all the slugs that we caught in our yards that we fed to our fish this past summer. But, it just sounds disgusting. I just keep imagining a slug crawling on my face, leaving a trail of age-defying slime. But the packaging is nicely yellow.
The nail polish is also dirt cheap.  Although I was not impressed with the ones I got from clearance before because the colors are really translucent.  I usually have to put 3 coats to get a decent color.  It was only $0.29 each so I guess I shouldn't have expected too much.  I think Missha is more known for the BB Creams and I have enough to last me a while too.  I do like this travel set.  So cute and 50% off!

Over at Victoria's Secret, the semi-annual sale has started!  Free shipping with $100 purchase.  I usually get a few boucle sweaters during these sales because they are just so awesome (review here).  But, they don't have that many styles this year and it's not that cheap.  The cheapest one is $19.  I want the $15 turtlenecks!  They do have really cheap leggings though.  Just $5!  But the colors are pretty bright...  They have regular color leggies for $10.

I don't buy VS undergarments anymore, but I did see some very tempting deals.  Though I do prefer shopping for those items at Nordstrom rack because the prices are just about the same as the sale prices at VS and I think the quality is better.  They just lack the sexy VS models that makes every woman want to be like them.

VS also has a pretty good sale for their body and beauty products.  Lotions, perfumes, lipglosses, makeup palettes up to 50% off!  I like these little ornaments.

Ok, let's see if I can control myself.  I do need to order more beads soon too.  I need to make more money!

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