Tuesday, December 21, 2010

~ Why Eat Out When You Can Eat This? ~

I know you miss all my posts about restaurants and stuff. I am sorry, but I just don't feel like eating out much nowadays. Why? Because I am awesome home-cooked Chinese food every day!  Let me show you a typical dinner at my house.  It's usually 3 dishes and a soup.  We try to balance the meat and veggies.

This is steamed chicken wings with black mushrooms and Chinese sausage.  The chicken is so very, very tender!  This is probably one of the healthiest ways to eat chicken wings.

This is a close up.  See how translucent the Chinese sausage is.  Very good stuff!  I think the brand is "Ga Ga".

This is corn beef with potato, Chinese style.  Well, not really Chinese style.  More like my dad's style.  This is awesome on its own or over rice.

We are pretty big on soup.  And I am not talking about canned soup broccoli and cheese.  This is soup made with various veggies or herbs with either chicken or pork or beef.  It is more broth like but it's supposed to be very nutritious.  This one is made with melon, mushrooms and chicken feet.  Chicken feet provides a lot of collagen.  It is probably better for your face than a collagen face mask!

All done.  I don't have to do dishes.  I don't have to cook.  I don't have to pay.  Awesome :)

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