Friday, December 24, 2010

~ Thank You for the Christmas Presents! ~

I got a surprise package in the mail today. Gotta love my LGs~!  I love this mini card!  So cute!  and everything was so nicely wrapped.  To my lovely LGs, your presents will come when I visit!

I guess I should've put this under my tree and wait till tomorrow but.... I just wanted to open it.  It's Munny~!  And the surprise accessory is a very cool hat!  Hmm.... what should I do with this?  I think I am going to give it anime eyes.... and make the hat yellow.  With stars.  Maybe I should hotfix some Swarovskis on it to make it bling?  This is going to be hours of entertainment!

In the box was also another fun toy.  I have never seen this before, but it's called Piperoid.  It's like these paper tubes that you can use to create robots.  Fun!

I didn't think I will have a tree this year, but my dad found the little one I had from a few years ago and plugged it in.  So, I have been putting some of the presents underneath it.  This one is so pretty that I just didn't want to unwrap it.  I have already unwrapped and consumed my other presents... I just get too excited and can't wait till Christmas to unwrap presents!

Ok, so this is my little prelit baby tree.  Poor thing.  I can't even find the ornaments for it.  This is as Christmasy as it gets in my house.

So, thank you everyone for all your wonderful presents and thoughtfulness.  I appreciate everything!  If you are wondering what my husband got for me, hopefully I will be able to show you in a few months.  :)


InsideOut Elle said...

I just wanted to wish u a Merry Christmas Joyce ^_^ ehhe it's not snowing in VA so I reckon MD must not be snowing either :( but oh wellz~ Have a great Christmas and new years! and the mini tree is adorable ;)

Joyce said...

Thank you~! No snow here yet.... I think it's supposed to start tomorrow :)

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