Wednesday, December 15, 2010

~ VistaPrint Haul ~

I placed 2 orders with Vista Print on Nov 30th and Dec 3rd.  I can't believe it but I got the whole order on the 10th!  In total, I spent $65 and here's what I got:
  • 1000 business cards with color printing on both sides
  • 520 address labels
  • 50 rack cards
  • 2 wall calendars
  • 1 poster calendars
  • 1 small stamp
  • 1 tote bag
  • 1 business card holder
  • 1 note pad
  • 1 sticky pad
The only complaint I have is that there's a white edge on the Happy Cloud Moment's business cards and only on the front.  And I guess next time I will make the text slightly lighter. 

All the items has uploaded graphics on them.  I think it's a pretty good deal.  The business cards and labels should last me a good 6-8 months I think.  I know I could've saved some money if I just didn't get the color printing on the back.  But I really like the color!  My business cards also serve as my thank you cards and this time I put a coupon code in the back for my supplies shop.  I think you can still see the coupon code if you tilt the monitor a certain way in this picture.

Here are the rack cards and labels.  I used the labels for the first time today.  The guy at the post office thought that it was a picture of orange popcorn.  >.<  Dang it!  Am I the only one that sees them as earrings?

I love this little stamp!  I am thinking about just stamping it on kraft boxes for my jewelry packaging.  I am trying to figure out some new and more consistent packaging system.  I am thinking about making special earring cards and necklace cards using my new Silhouette SD.  

This note pad and post its are just for fun for me :)  I may use them to write notes to my customers too.  Or maybe I should just send them out to my favorite customers.

All in all, it was a good haul for me.  Not only did I get my business stuff, I also got the calendars as Christmas presents.  I was being efficient :)


The Rich Ant said...

Wow that was a great buy! I think I am going to go check them out.

Kittin said...

it looks so nice. =] i wonder what the calendar looks like

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