Wednesday, December 22, 2010

~ Zuma Blitz Tips ~

Every day, I find more reasons to play Zuma Blitz. Did you know that every week, they use a new map and reset the scoreboard? So by the time you get bored of it, they give you a new one with new challenging curves and places for the bonus fruits. This is last week's map.  It was hard to get the fruit because it's behind new balls.

This is the map for this week.  I like the Christmas theme.  Santa looks funny in Zuma land!  I think this map is  harder than last week's map.  Once the balls get into that final curve, I get confused because the two tracks of balls overlap.

So, with 2 gold medals under my belt (I swear I am not bragging), I thought I would share some tips here.

Tip 1:  Become the flame!  If you shoot off the balls quickly, your frog changes color from green to yellow to orange to red which is the hot frog.  Then, you will shoot out fireballs that can cause a lot of damage.  You can shoot it at the fruits/treasure chest even if they are behind other balls.  You can get 3 shots each time.  Aim for fruits, timer balls and multiplier balls when you have the flame.  If you hit a canon ball on your first or second fire shot, you'll get a fire canon shot!  Be aware that you can shoot the ball into the void so just keep shooting fast!

Tip 2:  Every map has 2 tracks of balls.  I like to stay on one side for a little bit to minimize the amount of time I am using to move the frog.  

Tip 3:   Keep your eye out for the timer balls and multiplier balls.  They are both very important.  If you don't get to them, they will go away.  But, be aware that you can still get the bonus time or multiplier within a second of the ball becoming normal. 

Tip 4: Start shooting as soon as the first ball comes out.  At first the ball comes out real quick so aim well.

Tip 5: Use Last Hurrah with Bombs and Cannon for maximum effect.  Why?  Because lash hurrah gives you points for all the special balls and if you have the cannon and bomb balls in the track you'll get more points.  This is my maximum combo so far.

Tip 6: Only use Inferno Frog if you are a speedy shooter.  If you can get to the hot frog about twice a game, it's probably worth the 750 Mojos for it.

Tip 7: Fruit Master increases the chance of fruits appearing.  So, it really depends on the map.  If you find that the map of the week has good fruit spots, then it's probably for the 750 Mojos.

Tip 8: Speed Shot is supposed to increase the shooting speed by 10%.  I really don't notice a difference.  Don't waste your Mojo on this one.

Tip 9: I like Chain Blast, but I am not good enough to use it.  It gives you a blast if you have 10x chain meaning you shot out 10 balls and they all make a match.  That's not easy.  So, I rarely use this.  I can't wait to unlock the Chrono Balls and Multiplier!

Tip 10: Recognize combos when you see them.  See how in the picture below, if you shoot a yellow ball where the red arrow is, the yellow will match and disappear and the purple will move towards each other and also match and disappear and then the outer yellow balls will also match and disappear.  BAM!  Combo!  It's hard to try to set this up.  But, this situation naturally arises quite often.  So, just learn to see it and shoot at the color in the middle to create a combo!

Tip 11: Gap shots give you a extra points.  That means you matched a few balls and now there's a gap in the track and you shoot through that gap to match balls behind it.  So, sometimes, you may find that you can shoot at the strangler balls at the end, but that matching those may cause the gap to disappear.  So, don't shoot them.  Keep the gap there.  

Tip 12: Please note though sometimes it's hard to see the strangler balls and you may try to shoot at balls behind them then you'll be feel really stupid.  So, keep your eye out for the stranglers.

Tip 13: You do know that the the color on the frog's back shows the next ball color right?  You can right click to switch it in.  I don't use it often.  It's a waste of click. 

Tip 14: Sometimes, I see a time ball or a multiplier ball on its own so I shoot two balls of the same color at it to get it to blow.  You get the time or multiplier but you break your chain.  So, only do that if you don't have a chain going already.  And if you have a chain, just keep shooting quick!  You will get the hot frog and you will get to use that to get the time and multiplier anyway!

Ok, time to play some more!  Show me your score by sending me a screenshot.  Here's my current score.  Beat that~!  Yes, I know I am competitive.  But a lil trash talking just makes the game so much more fun :)


-eB. said...

Thanks for the tips. I was trying to find out how the inferno frogs pop up (I'm too busy playing to make obervations).

Would you believe my score is 593,230? Happy Holidays!

scottb3427 said...


Christine said...

775,140 is my score I'd show you the screenshot But I dont no where to send it

Joyce said...

wow! 775k??? i m only up to 530k right now.... can't wait for the new map tomorrow!

Allan said...

Hey Joyce
Came onto your blog looking to improve my score .... 513,940 which is good but not as good as yours or Christine! Amazingly addictive game.
I also noticed your interest.
Have you had a look at:
It can be really productive to all your interest.
Stay well.
PS Lam and Lim are the same when written in Madarin. :-)

bert said...

Joyce thanks. THis is awesome. My high was 125k before reading this. Now i'm at 450k!!!


Patrick said...

Believe it or not, my high is 804,390, and that is with out any of the powers

Kari Edwards said...

You can also switch balls with the space bar. This is what I use because I'm on a Macbook and right clicking is difficult. I use it fairly often to try to keep up the chain. Sometimes I go through a whole game without missing a match that way!

Joyce said...

Great tip Kari!

And just an update..... my highest score so far is 938K :D

stephencbre said...

955k. ALWAYS use the Bomb power up, use the 2x multiplier once you get to level 34.

Melody said...

I'm trying to figure out how to shoot powers! Dumb question I know. But what do you click to send out a bomb?

Joyce said...

Hi Melody,

You don't have to click on anything to shoot out a bomb....there are bomb balls in the track...if you break them, they will explode!

Shortybiscuit said...

Hi, how do you get more idols? And when you get the treasure chest, how do you get it to stop where you want. I click on the chest and it stops the 1st time, but at the end it stops somewhere else.

Joyce said...

Hello Shortybiscuit,

For treasure chest, it's like a slot machine. You click on it and it'll start to slow down and then stop at one of the slots. You can't control it.

For idols, you can get some through leveling up, through treasure chest (when you are in a higher level) or you can buy them with money. Real money. Or you can do some online shopping through facebook. I explained it in details here:

miragechaos said...

Tmy highest score ever today 903 k ^_^

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