Monday, December 6, 2010

~ New Holiday-Inspired Jewelry ~

After a mild November, December started off with dreary skies and biting winds.  I really wanted to go somewhere over the weekend, but it was just too cold and I was recovering from a bad headache on Friday.  So, I just watched lots of movies through Netflix and made jewelry!  Most of the pieces are inspired by the cold and the upcoming holidays!  First, let me introduce the Tiny Ornaments!

These earrings are one of a kind!  I don't have any more of these beads so if you love them as much as I do, get them now!  Before I decide to keep them all for myself.... :)  Here is a close up of each pair.  Which color is your favorite?  I can't decide between the green ones and the black ones myself.

Next up, I have some sparkly kawaii phone straps that will be great for stocking stuffers!  These are made with charms that I sell at Happy Cloud Supplies if you want to make your own.

I am running a special on these snowflakes right now. If you buy 4, I will send you a free one! Send me a message so I can set up a custom listing for you.

I absolutely love these star bracelets and I made 3 new ones for the holidays.  This one is "Wishing for Pinecones".  It has golden shadow and olivine stars and smoked topaz bicones.  It's very earthy!

This one is "Wishing for Snow".  I am wishing for snow now!  We are supposed to have "flurries" today but so far, the sky is clear.

This one is a special Christmas edition.  Nothing says Christmas more than red, green and white stars.  You can also wear it to support your favorite sports teams... I am pretty sure there are ones with these colors. 

Lastly, I made this awesome necklace with silver shade crystals.  They bunch up and look like a cloud!  It's super sparkly!

Which one is your favorite?  Don't forget that I do custom orders so you can design a "Wishing for... " bracelet yourself!  By the way, I put discount codes on for both of my shops.  Remember to always check for coupon codes on before you buy anything online!


Kittin said...

the little ornaments earrings are really adorable =] the bracelets are also pretty awesome. we have snow in pittsburgh... it hasn't stopped for the past week... little flurries that won't stick so it looks really pretty, but very windy

Lo Christine said...

love those ornament earrings!

Emma said...

omg I love those! The sparklie balls would make great necklaces too.

Joyce said...

Thank you for all the kind comments!

Emma, you are right! I do have these in a bigger size that will make great necklaces!

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