Thursday, December 30, 2010

~ After Christmas Missha Haul ~

When I shop alone, I don't do that much damage.  But, check out the shopping powers of me and my friends combined!  There's BB cream, face wash, face masks, face creams, nail polish remover and more!  And yes, I got the snail cream!

So, combined, our order total was $200.57.  Just enough to get the surprise gift set!  There's 3 small BB creams, 4 lipsticks and a cream eye shadow.  Nice.  The little BB creams will be good for the purse or traveling.

I will do a more detailed review of the creams and such when I use them later. It will probably take me a month or so to get to them :) No more skin care! Even though I just made an order at The Body Shop because they had a 1/2 off sale and I want to stock up on more Bath and Body Works stuff during their semi-annual sale. Damnit! Skincare products are like drugs!

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H said...

Snail cream?!

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