Thursday, December 30, 2010

~ Cake Dreams Winter Flavors ~

Recently, I stopped by Cake Dreams to grab some dessert for a friend.  To my disappointment, they don't have my favorite lemon or peanut butter!  *tear*  But, they did have a few winter flavors and the classic stuff like Chocolate Fudge and Red Velvet.

Guess which one is the Winter Peppermint?  If you guessed the ones with the peppermint candy on top, you are a genius!  :)  The one with the brown powder sprinkled on top is eggnog.  The cake itself is just regular yellow cake if I remember correctly.  It's the icing that's supposedly awesome!  I say supposedly because I forgot to eat the winter flavors.  I was too full from an awesome hot pot and I really wanted the raspberry one.  It's fruity so it's healthier right?

This is the gingerbread one.  The candy looks so cute on top!  So anyway, my friends said the cupcakes were good.  Let me know if you like any of these winter flavors.  I think I just want to wait for the lemon to come back... Can't wait till spring!

And by the way, these winter flavors won't be around forever.  According to their website, "SPECIAL DECEMBER FLAVORS:  Gingerbread with spiced orange icing everyday in December and Egg Nog and White Chocolate Peppermint of Fridays and Saturdays or by special order of 6 or more and 48hrs notice."  

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InsideOut Elle said...

ahh these looks so good~ I love peppermint so I would especially love to try that one!

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